Underground Epicureans' Art Feast

This is Not Art


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 6:30pm to 10:00pm


It not art, its food, or is it art?

On this Underground Epicureans dining adventure you will wonder where to start when food and art become intertwined in a way you haven’t imagined. This adventure will confound your expectations and satisfy your senses. You will discover art on the walls, in your own hand and on your tastebuds.

Ritual Cuisine are creating dinner canapes. They may come on a plate, a stick or you may have to forage for them among the installations in the gallery. Is it food or is it art? Its up to you to decide what is for eating and what is for admiring.

You can create your own masterpiece under the expert direction of Ann from The Drawing Room and choose to test the truth of your tastebuds with Ritual Cuisines fun “Lab Rat” experiment.
An open bar will offer locally made Saddlers Creek wine and the best Belgian beer you can find in Newcastle from The International Beer Collector.

As with all Underground Epicureans adventures there remains one mystery. Where will this experience unfold? The details of this will only emerge on the day of the event. The only hint is that it will be at this fair city’s heart. Details of the venue will be emailed to you by midday of the day of the event.

It's an offer too good to refute, it's a date, it's an adventure and an exhibition to boot. Get your tickets before its too late. Click here to purchase tickets or save it to your calendar.

Special Thanks to our Principal Partner, the University of Newcastle and our Event Partners. Click on the links below to find our more information....

Underground Epicureans

Ritual Cuisine

The Drawing Room

Saddlers Creek Wine

The International Beer Collector

Cost includes dinner by canape, all drinks and activities.