This is Not Art

3 - 6 October

This is Not Art (TiNA) is an experimental environment where artists can test and exchange ideas that belong outside of institution. Produced by Octapod in Newcastle since 1998, TiNA has grown to become one of Australia's leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals, creating spaces for artistic collaboration and discovery. Forever responding and evolving, TiNA promotes a vibrant combination of voices that celebrate and seek creative innovation. As a festival of multiple programs presenting dynamic and bold works, TiNA is the sum of its ever-changing parts.

A convergence of writers, performers, thinkers, independent and industry musicians, dancers, visual artists, thespians, arts workers, media makers, creative researchers, electronic artists, physical performers, dilettantes, and DIY culture makers in a showcase featuring over 400 local, national and international artists, TiNA provides a forum of professional development, in which industry professionals, emerging artists and students are encouraged to showcase their work, network, collaborate and develop new skills.

Each year TINA is developed in partnership with arts collectives and organisations from across Australia. In 2013 TiNA will present programs from Crack Theatre Festival, National Young Writers’ Festival, Critical Animals and our special guests, Electrofringe.

It's the four days of the year where you get to collaborate, share your ideas, passions and skills, showcase your work, and reinvigorate your practice at the nation's most inspiring party. Wouldn't it feel great to know you helped make this happen? There are a number of ways to Show Your Support for TiNA this year, as a business, as an individual or by buying some raffle tickets to This is Not ARTillery. Either way, any way you choose to do it, you are helping support one of Australia's leading independent arts festivals. And we love you for it.